Sunday, March 29, 2015

Integrity, Respect & Success

Values are beliefs that control our actions, they keep us on the correct path in life. Three values that matter to me are integrity, respect and success.

One value that i think is important is integrity because being honest with yourself can result in a less harmful consequence, lying means being dishonest or not telling the truth. This is a value you can have in life because when you get a job you wouldn’t want to lie to your boss. Positive feelings come from being honest about yourself and accepting your personality, and physical characteristics, from belonging to a family that accepts you without question.

The second value that I think is most important is respect because when you are respectful to others you usually get that respect given back, for example speaking politely  to other in a respectful manner.A helpful quote said by Charles w , “A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful”. Being respectful is a  polite way to show  manners and express the way you feel to others.

The third value is success, this means setting your brain to certain goals to achieve specific standards.We need to be successful so that we can get somewhere in life and achieve more. Success means achieving goals in life.A quote written by Henry Ford reads“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”.

In summary values guide us towards the correct path in life, taking us step by step following through the values one by one.

Edward Baah

Success, Honesty, Responsibility

One value I think is important is success. The reason why I think success is important to me is because if you’re in a test and you feel like you’re going to fail there’s a saying which goes likes this, “ CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP ”. So if you try your best at the test you will succeed in life. Success is something that you need to keep trying in order to attain.

Another value I think is important is honesty. The reason why I think honesty is important to me is because it’s always good to tell the truth and have honesty. If you lie you get into more trouble so tell the truth straight away. Also if you don something bad then you should be honest with yourself and speak up.

One other value that I also think is important is responsibility. The reason why I think responsibility is important to me is because we will always need to look after our belongings and make sure we have the right gear. When I show this value I always try to remember to bring my gear, I act responsibly.

It is really good to use these values in life because they can help you if you’re going through hard times. The reason why its good to use values is because if you’re going through bad things in life then you would know straight away on what value you have to use.  

Mele Lavaka

Integrity, Respect and Success

I have Values- Integrity, Respect and Success. Those three values mean something to me, and we should all have something that we hold and keep in our life..

“Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it.”
― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Integrity is a value that means lots to me and my family and hopefully you to. What Integrity means to us is being honest about anything and everything. I have learnt lots over these few weeks at Tamaki about how to show Integrity around the school. Integrity means being honest. If you lie you will make it worse for yourself then it already  was.  However if you show integrity, whoever you are with will show it back to you.

I think it is important to show Respect because if you want someone to Respect you, you have to show it to them. When I show this Value I try to be nice to everyone I see, and also to show this value I try not to judge them by looking at them before I know them as I don’t know what their  background is like. I try to show Respect back to anyone  no matter what happens and what they are like.  

This value to me show that trying hard even if you fail. You just have to try in all conditions, so later on in life you can have and get a great job and great life with your awesome family and try your in  best even if you don’t know what it is . Taking charge with your things and also at school doing school work. Success is finishing work on time by the due date. Managing our time wisely to get the work done. Asking for help that will help you to succeeded because you will understand more better then you already knew.

Do you want these value in life .Even them being in your mind . Without values I think life would be messed up hard out .Because there will be bad people in the world. I can’t think what would happen.

Cheyanne Eagle

R.I.S.E values

It is not hard to make a decision when you know what your values are. Values are things that guide our actions. They are taught by parents or caregivers.

One value that is important to me is success. It is important because success is needed in life just like education and I want to be successful. Doing all your work, using R.I.S.E and being respectful leads to success.

Another value I am going to write about is respect. Respecting people is very important, because being kind to each other is a good thing. If we are not, it can lead to very serious problems like suicide. Showing respect to students is important as they can be sensitive, if we are not it can make people feel bullied and abusive so keeping society peaceful and showing respect is O for awesome.

Another value I have is whanau. This values important because they only come once in a lifetime  and  are very hard to let go of. You should hold on to your whanau and value them because when they go or pass on they never come back. They have made me learn a lot about life like respecting others showing integrity being responsible and doing or being successful things.

I am kind and respectful to all students,all teachers and all human beings.I can make people feel good by saying nice words and using my manners.So keep the society peaceful.So I hope you do the same so show your R.I.S.E.

Coopa Pomare

Honesty, Leadership and Responsibility

The three values that are important to me are Honesty and Leadership and Responsibilty.

First of all honesty is the number one thing that is important to me because you can tell the truth and everyone will be happy. But if you don’t the the situation is going to get worse. This value is also my parent’s value. They also say always tell the truth whenever we leave for school.

The second value that occurs to my life is leadership. My parents will always tell me when I leave the house to “Always act like a leader in school or in the streets” I will always keep their words wherever I go.

One value that I think is important  is Responsibility, it’s important to me because it means to be responsible for my own actions. when I show this value I try to do my best to be responsible to come to class on time and be responsible for me stationary and netbook.

Values are important to me and my life so that I may go far in the future. My three values are Honesty , Respect and Leadership. I want to tell you that values can make a difference in your life.  

Lose Manuha'apai

Integrity and Faith

The two values that are important to me is “Integrity” and “Faith”.

One value that I think is important is Integrity. It is important because it means everything is going to be alright because everyone is showing honesty to each other. It makes our environment much safer. When I show this value I try my best to be honest all the time to adults, friends, family and also myself.

This value came to me from my dad. My dad has been in much pain the last few weeks. But he always says, “Have faith in everything you do." Or," I'm going to be alright." I was the kind of person who would always think negatively in everything I do. Faith is everything we should always carry with us everywhere we go. It helps you in everything.

Those two values are very important to me because it really changed my life around. I know that these two values will always change your life too, if you're in a bad situation. All you have to do is do what I did and then your see a big change later on. It can also make you go far in life and achieve your goals for the future.

Faaaaoane Ulipa

Chocolate designs

As part of our reading of Boy, Roald Dahl's autobiography, we were inspired to design our own chocloate bar. Students chose some slogans, wrote advertising copy, designed wrappers. I, as an adventurous teacher with a large kitchen, attempted to make their designs.

Here is the ballad of my kitchen (in images).

Melting the chocolate over boiling water.

Raw ingredients
To make sour red swirls I used tartaric acid.
I sprayed the silicon moulds with canola oil to prevent sticking 
Completed chocolate creations
Tomorrow the testing! I'll post student responses as well as the completed designs soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Year 10 poetry essays

Here's a couple of essays from 10RLe- we were really impressed with the quality of the finished work. Click on the excerpt to view the complete essay.




Saturday, March 14, 2015

10RLe hit the library and miss

We unfortunately had a hiccup in our normal reading period in the library, but luckily were able to hang outside in the lovely weather to read our books.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

9RTd kotahitanga

We are all on a learning journey together

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Values essays complete

I'll be posting the values essays as they are edited for publication. Here's one hot off the press.

Value Essay
We all have values that we hold and treasure for many generations. A quote from Norman Thomas reads “The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values”. Different people have different values therefore three values that are important to me are: Respect, Integrity and Faith.

Respect is a way of treating or thinking about something or someone. I place self respect first meaning  that you have to respect yourself before you can start respecting others.Respect is a very important value to me because it shows that I can value another as an individual, and that I honor the personal rights and dignity of the person as a fellow human being.

Another value that I treasure is Integrity. It is important to have Integrity as a value because you will feel good about yourself and you will have a fewer problems with things like self doubts and many more. Integrity means that the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Speaking the truth at all times and at all places is a way that I show Integrity.

Faith is also a value that I hold. Faith is important to me because faith can lead me to happiness and it makes me a better person by doing things that I have never expected to do.Faith means complete trust or confidence in someone or something. To show this value I never give up cause I know there is faith that I can do it.

Values may change overtime but they will always be something that is held and treasured for generations and generations.
Dion Tuitakau

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fast Talking PI poems

We looked at Selina Marsh's poem Fast Talking PI and recorded our own. Here are some below by 9RTd. I was so excited that the students were motivated and expressing themselves! Proud of you 9RTd.