Thursday, June 11, 2009

Search for my tongue

We wrote poems based on Sujatta Bhatt's Search for my tongue.

What’s wrong with my tongue.

I’m a prisoner of my tongue,
That I can’t control.
Maybe if my tongue was gone
Then I might have a higher chance of parole.
Words come out of my mouth not knowing if it could hurt somebody.
Fell free to roll your tongue at me.
It’s not my fault, that’s my tongue's habit.

By David

Search for my tongue - John Stowers

We wrote poems based on Sujatta Bhatt's Search for my tongue.

My Tongue

My tongue is a useful sword
I try to say good things but there not worthy of the lord
I try to stop but it is belated
Out comes your dad's head looks inflated
Now I can’t take those words back
That’s how powerful a tongue is and that’s a fact
I have made a beautiful girl cry
If I can’t take it back I might as well die!

By John Stowers

Search for my tongue

We wrote poems inspired by Sujatta Bhatt's Search for my tongue

Finding my tongue
Is like my tongue is running away
It would take me
Minutes, hours, or a day
Searching for my tongue
Is like searching for my main languages
And eating with with no taste of sandwiches
My tongue feeling lonely and sad
I’m going to replace it
And it is going to get mad.


Search for my tongue

10 TFe are studying spoken word poetry. As part of this, we are looking at a range of poems that have been written to perform. We watched the poem Search for my Tongue and discussed the imagery used in it to convey the feeling of someone losing their language. The video is from the BBC website, as this poem is taught as part of the GSCE course in the UK.

We used the following poem by Sujatta Bhatt as inspiration for our own poems with the same title.

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Here is a copy of the text.