Friday, October 30, 2015

Found Poetry 9RTd

This week we made some 'found poetry'- this is where you create your own poem out of existing text.

Notes that we made on the board

We used pages from the script of the film we are studying- Pay It Forward. Check out what we made!

Cheyanne's poem

Cheyanne's process

Something is going to happen
The world is shit
It's like all against me
You're grading me for my effort
But you should really look at the result
What is it worth
It too complicated for me now
I already blew out my candles
For everyone to pay it forward
It's like your big chance to fix something that ain't yours
All I wanted was to see if we could really change the world

Waka's poem

I want us to get along
Do you want money for the bus
You can't have a friend like that
Let a homeless man into my house
He's my friend
He's very exigent which I like
I have know idea
Bull shit
I've been waiting all day for you
You think you can do whatever you want just because your face is messed up

Dion's Poem

Dion's process- he chose randomn lines to reorder

We're going to kill you
Pay it forward!
I paid it forward
Your the greatest
You don't respect
Its just taking forever
Right on time
You ever gotten to know somebody
Who are you?
I started swinging one by one

Jennyfer's poem

Speak Up....

I had a chance to talk,
because we're going to love words,
One day you'll be free,
Look around you,
The world is,
Just a big disappointment,
Unless you take the things you don't like about the world,
flip them upside down right,
And you can start today,
It's possible,
Each of you can do it,
Surprise us.

Henry's poem

Some people are used to things the way they are even if they're bad.
I guess they kinda give up and when they do, everybody loses.
Be yourself.
Be proud of yourself.
The worlds not exactly..... shit.
These moments stay trapped in forever.

Edward's poem

no, I didn't mean you
oh god, that's horrible
get out of here
what happened to your face
well it was a slip up
i'm sorry
what's the matter
just a tummy ache
then why did you come
i'm used to this

Attribution to come (not sure who this belonged too!)

Malulu's poem

Trevor a boy whos nice
Why cant all boys be like that
Naughty Rude and disrespectful
Most of them fat like you
Pay it forward
i already did
You need to pay it now
or else they will kill
Make sure you pay
help others in need
make them happy
and take them to the cafe.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pay It Forward character maps

The fine 9RTd are looking at how the characters relate to each other in the film Pay It Forward. Check out our character maps!






Friday, October 23, 2015

Podcast reviews take 4

Malia's review

Lonise's review

Gustavo's review

Podcasts take 3

Jesiah's review

Silas Makea's review

Khylie's review

Friday, October 16, 2015

Further writing on racism

More writing from the mighty RTd

Racism is when different stereotypes are used to discriminate against other races. We see it in different countries when people, disrespect cultures.

What is racism?

Race plays a major role in the racism world, many people are judgemental towards whites, blacks and polynesians. Disliking one another describes someone who’s racist. We see this when cultures are ignorant against cultures and religions.

Disrespecting or unliking dissimilar cultures is chauvinist. Contradicting or differentiating countries defines the word racism. For instance the South African president split whites from darks, under apartheid rights and movements of the majority black inhabitants were curtailed.

Being hypercritical regarding similar races is selfish. Ignorant self-centred people use racism as a weapon to put people down to hurt feelings.

In conclusion I think that racism is disrespecting, discriminating against different race, being judgemental to one another to me explains the large racist topic.

‘’Racism is an ism to which everyone in the world today is exposed; for or against, we must take sides. And the history of the future will differ according to the decision which we make.’’

Ruth Benedict

This quote to me means everyone in the world today is exposed to racism. The history and future will or will not change according to the basic decisions we make against differentiate cultures.

- Edward Baah

Racism can be a hole lot of things one of them are mocking cultures,colour of the skin and even the way people act what there voice sounds like or even what they look like.

Racism is a bad thing most people say racist things just to be cool around people and there is racism in every one. Racism should not be allowed because can lead to suicide and it can hurt people's feelings. Everyone has something in them that they want to say to other people but they just don’t want to offend that person.

Back in the 1700s dark people were meant for slavery as we all knew that.

Back in 1962 there was the movie named Hairspray. In the movie Hairspray when they were all getting ready for the last year dance dark people where on one side and light people on the other. Dark people weren’t allowed to be together with the light skin people but they were allowed to be in the same room together.

-Waka Cecil

Last lot of kindness writing...

Dion Tuitakau

Kindness the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. One time I showed kindness was when I gave a homeless man some money who was sitting outside a store asking many people for some loose change. Many people ignored this person but I gave this person money because he looked as if he had an empty stomach for a few hours or so. By giving him the loose change I had, it put a smile on his face which showed he was thankful and happy even though it wasn't a lot of money but he still was grateful. In the future this means that whenever you receive things that cost quite a lot of money and have loose change that you know you won't necessarily need, generously give it to someone who is in need for it showing that you are kind and caring.

We should always show kindness because it can make a small difference in someone's life which will make you a better person and someone who is generous and considerate. Kindness is impossible unless it's done.

Langa Ravarua

One time I showed kindness was in the holidays when I had to take care of my little brother because he had a broken ankle. We had no crutches so then my dad told me to be his stand. I also got paid for being his stand.  I had to walk beside him wherever he went. Even when he went to the toilet, I had to wait outside for him to finish. Doing this wasted a lot of my time, but it was worth it because he is my brother. When a whole week passed, my parents went out and bought some crutches and took my brother to the starship so he could get a cast on his leg.  

Podcast reviews take 1

Last term 10RLe made podcasts about their personally seleted novels for the term. Here are three from Phoenix, Simaima and Salome.

Monday, October 12, 2015

More kindness recounts

Here are some additional pieces of writing from the fabulous and thoughtful 9RTd about times when they were, saw or were on the reciving end of a kind action...

Mihi Abraham

I only show kindness is when someone show kindness to me or when they use there manners on me.

One time that I show kindness is when me and my sister were at home alone and we got hungry and I had money on me so I went to the shops but before I went to the shops I  went to go ask my sister if she wanted something from the shops so I brought her something to eat for me and her.

I saw kindness when I saw my brother asking the teachers at Tamaki college for help and I also see kindness when my brother gets home from school he go to my mum and ask my mum if she need help so he helps her.

We should always show kindness to everyone because if you don’t show kindness people will never show kindness to you and you will regret not use ur kindness to everyone.

Cornelius Tione

Someone was kind to when iIhelped them up when they were bullied and put down. I helped him by telling him to own up and be a man, because if he doesn’t he will be bullied for the rest of his life. In the future people should stop bullying because people might think they are worth anything in life. bullying can lead to bad things. We all need to stop bullying for many good reasons bullying can lead to bad things that you wouldn't want to happen to you or your friends also family members they could take their life away just to stop bullying.  

Someone showed me kindness when I was down. She would always ask me about what was going on. Then she would talk me out of it and help me forget about it and move on. She did nearly everything for me.

In the future this means I will show kindness to other people. Help people when they are down. Also talk to them about it and help them forget about it and move on in life.

Going forward I will like to learn more about kindness. Also show kindness to each other mostly the adults.

If kindness wasn’t around I’m sure no one would get along. This world would be full disrespectful people as well. Which will make everyone fight and all kinds of things.

Waka Cecil

Someone was kind to me when I went shopping at Pak’n’Save and as I was about to leave an old lady gave me her lollipop and a bar of her chocolate  I said thank you and I left. One time that I showed kindness was when I listed for the very first time to my older brother,he told me to get his phone on the table and I did. I showed kindness to him but he didn’t show kindness back he just told me to get out of his face. Once I saw kindness when my mum gave her smoke to a lady because she asked my mum for one. When my mum gave her smoke to the lady the lady was so happy she gave my mum a huge hug and said thank you and my mum said you’re welcome. I showed kindness when I gave my friends some lunch when they asked me for some. I gave them some of my lunch because they said they had nothing to eat and they were hungry so I gave them some of my musclebar. Everyone should so kindness because showing kindness to others that way people may show kindness back to you.

Teariki Mata

Image result for kindness picture
Someone was kind to me when I helped them up when they were bullied and put down, I helped him up and told him to be strong because the bullies are idiots for bullying people. they shouldn’t be bullying people because bullying is not good, it can lead to worse things like suicide, self harm, and intentional emotions. People need to stop bullying and start sharing the love and kindness.  Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Kindness recounts

The delightful RTd are focussing on the theme of kindness this term. In preparation for this we had a discussion around what kindess looks like.

Here are some of their pieces of writing about a time they were/ saw/ recieved kindness.

Latisha Puti

I saw kindness displayed when I was walking to my godfather’s house.This person helped this old lady walk across the road safely. She was having difficulties carrying her bags across the road .

Also it was interesting seeing someone help out someone other than themself. I haven't seen that much compassion in a very long time. People have been focussed on themself, knowing people need help right in front of there eyes.

People should show kindness or act kindly more often, ever me, so people see it. Then people might just carry that kindness on. Like that saying what goes around comes around. So if you do good things , most probable good things will comes back to you.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Image result for kindness quotes

Cheyanne Eagle

How I met my best friend , I was being kind at the time , I saw this girl just sitting there all alone on the first day of school . I felt kind that day and walked up to her and ask if she was alright we started talking about random things .I ask her if she had anyone to hang with she said no. I said well you do now , we hung for the rest of the  day . The next  day we never talked she was sitting in class with Mele , The girls told Mele to come cause we knew her but we never knew Coopa , I finally got up and went to her cause she looked a bit sad . I was just being kind to her cause she had no one but her brother to hang with so I just hung with her all the time . I week past and I still was being nice cause we just hung with each other , I knew People but I chose to hang with her , We just started to always hang out and stuff . We got really close  and That's how I got my Bestfriend ………I think everyone should be kind because it will make the world a better place and everyone will get alone and be nice . THE END

Image result for Quotes about kindness
What this image means to me is :That you don't have to be told or given something to be kind to other , Its all in the HEART   


Faaaoane Ulipa

One time that I showed is when a new student started our school. How I showed kind to her was talking nicely to her and doing the best I could while she was here at our school for the first time. I was kind like never before. She sat down next to me and my friends but nobody made her feel welcomed. So I walked to her and asked her what her name was and so on. We worked together for the rest of the day and helped each other with our tasks and make saw our work for the day was finished. My teachers thought that I worked better with her than I do with my friends because I actually get work done with her than my group of friends that put me off task. That was her first and last day at our school. I stopped being kind then. Her name was Queenie.

To me, being kind is talking nicely to each other and also sharing things.

Everyone should be kind to each other. Show respect and all so everyone can be safe at where they are.

Lose Manuha'apai
One time I showed kindness was when I let the teacher walk through the door because I wanted to put a smile on her face, it's also showing respect but at the same time it's showing kindness. In the future this means that I will show kindness towards other adults with them not expecting it,

This influenced me because not all students show kindness towards the adults and I'm trying to change that and be a different person.

We should all show kindness to others because you might not know if something would come your way, as in a good way. But I'm just saying that people should not expect or ask for kindness the should get it unexpectedly.

Going forward I will take what I have with me now and use it in the future or learn more about what kindness is and what it makes people become more of. If kindness wasn't around I think this world
would be full of disrespectful people.

Kindness can be a hard thing to do but, if you do show it I guaranty that you would be known as the person who shows kindness wherever you go or whatever you do. Showing kindness can lead you to a role where no one can get, like one of the prefects or even a head boy or girl.
Henry Neemia

One time I showed kindness was when I cleaned Faaao's bag last night. I thought that she should have a organized and clean start for school so she can have the right equipment and have a organised bag so she can do her work and she won’t need to worry about not having the right equipment because I checked her bag for it! Ain’t I a good brother?! I really enjoyed doing this for her and I would do it in a flash anytime, anyday if I am not eating;). Hopefully she will remember my kindness towards her so she can one day display kindness back to me. This means in the future I will show kindness not only to Faaao but to anyone else so I can receive kindness back.

This other time my friends and I were going to Mcdonald's for a feed and we decided to buy extra meals for some homeless people we saw around the street where we parked in the city. We saw a guy preferably around his 20’s on the right side so we gave one to him and there was this homeless artist on the other side, so we decided to give one to him but he said no because he already ate and he pointed out these other homeless guys which we gave it to them. I thought that was the kindest thing I have seen yet to offer your food to someone else who you don’t know even though you need it too.

Another time I saw kindness displayed was on Youtube. It was a social experiment to see what people would do if they saw a homeless man and what they would do if they saw a homeless kid. So there was this homeless man preferably in his 30’s who was begging people for money but they got mad and told him to find a job but when the kid came people starting offering lots of money and food to him but when they saw the man they just told him off. After a while one man got really angry and tipped food on him. He got up and with the money he got he bought a meal, he walked over to the kid and gave him the food. I think people should start being like this man. Although he wasn’t getting much he still offered the kid all he had. He inspired me and it hit me right in the heart. We all need to start showing kindness to one another so you can receive it back, inspire others to join and to make our old world a better, safer and cleaner environment for us to live in.

Here's are some quotes:
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”
“Be the kind of person, you want to meet”
“Sometimes you gotta be kind to others, not because they’re kind, but because you are”
“Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

“Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless”

Monday, October 5, 2015

Writing about racism in New Zealand

Bringing the literature back to our own experience, here is some examples of the writing 9RTd completed after reading some articles and doing some personal research.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, hate cannot drive out hate,only love can do that.”

I think racism is mostly about brown people getting picked on because of their colour. It can lead to suicidal thoughts and can cause the world in war. Not only brown people get picked on with racism, think about the white people. We sometimes pick on them which isn't good, people out there are thinking what us Islanders are struggling on.

We see racism in New Zealand when John Key tells us to move houses so the rich people can move in because we live near the city. I also see racism in nz when the whites are talking about us islanders.

Why people are racist is because they think brown people are selfish, they think we are judgemental, they think we don’t know any better in life. They see us in a different way but when they actually get to meet us they would know a whole different story.

We all should keep this world peaceful keep everyone safe from racism make them feel safe around white people and brown people.

-Ite Taufa


To me racism means not respecting someone else's culture , I think it is a bad to be racist because it is like bullying. Because you are putting down other people's race and and judging on what skin type they are.

Back in the old days they were really racist, the brown people weren't allowed on the white’s side, they had to be slaves for the white people. If you were half-cast polynesian you would still be a cast as a black person just cause you have polynesian in you. The only time you could be on the white side was when you were being slaves working in the shops for the white people .

People nowadays in this generation are the same just not as bad, judging your skin just like that. Why can’t we all get along, it’s a free world. I just would like everyone to get along no matter what race you are or skin color you are, because god made us all different for a reason, not an opinion on what we think of each other.

At school I think that people judge me because of my white skin plus going to an islander school is pretty hard when you're like the only white skin there. They must think I look down on them, but really I don’t ,we are all the same just with different color skin. It not bad at all.


I think that people should give everyone a chance , because us white people now days couldn't help what happen back then. We couldn't control what our ancestors were doing. back in those days if I was alive I wouldn't even be able to help because I would have been on the blacks side cause I'm half-cast.

“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong.” -Muhammad Ali

What That Quote Means To Me -

1.You shouldn't hate anyone just because of their color .

2. It not just one race that is hating it is others too.


-Cheyanne Eagle

I think that racism should stop today. People are sick and tired of the bullies around the world calling other people black.

There are too many people who call others black for no reason. Many people such as teens, adults, elders, young adults and even little kids. It must be scary for the people who are called black because of the apartheid that happened in South Africa.

It is just like the Springbok tour that happened in 1981. The Springboks denied the tourism happening around South Africa. They denied the All Blacks tour around South Africa because it was under apartheid. The reason why the Springbok tour was cancelled, was because there were coloured people in the All Blacks.
In my opinion, I wish that racism didn't exist. It shouldn't exist because it is hurting other people. It is hurting other people inside of them, but on the outside, it will just look like they don't care what the bullies have to say.

-Langa Ravarua

I think that racism is something to do with skin color or something to do with their culture. Racism is disrespecting someone’s culture and comparing which is basically judging.

To me when I think of the word “racism" I picture a lot of things that happen, My favorite saying is, "It doesn't matter what color Jesus was the only thing that matters is what he did." Sometimes I say to myself, why or how can people be like this? We were all brought into this world to be ourselves and not to worry about other people's appearance and background.

We see it in NZ when the polynesians don’t get many things as the pakehas or how most white people get accepted to like university , works etc… but most of my people don’t. It can be argued that the NZ school system disproportionately favours pakeha & culture. This means that my people cannot make it through high school or graduate with a degree. But many white people can.

Racism has been existed for generations. I don’t get why there is such a thing that’s called “racism.” Why can’t we just all get along with people that is not the same color as us, Is it because we’re black and your white? But I have a feeling that racism won’t stop. I do hope it does stop because it puts my people down, and it won’t make them try again.

In NZ we need to look around and recognise that it’s not only them or their culture in this world. Before you judge you have to know everything about them or look at themselves first before judging others.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of the skin, or his background, or his religion, People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” - Nelson Mandela

To me I think that his quote means that to love one another and not to judge the front cover and you haven't even read the book. 

-Lose Manuha'apai

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Presentations about the poems

After 9RTd read the poems and looked at them more closely, we worked on some presentations to explain what we found out.

Here are a selection...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Poetry about racism

The mighty 9RTd have been thinking about racism as part of our current unit. We chose to study The Freedom Writers, and out of that flowed discussion around the theme of racism.

As part of this, we looked at some poems about racism, mostly by Harlem Renaissance poets and Maya Angelou. Here's some visible learning (how to process poetry for understanding) from annotating the poems in pairs.

Still I rise by Maya Angelou

Equality by Maya Angelou

Racsim has a human heart by John Nelson

Racism is around us everywhere by John Duggan

I, too by Langston Hughes