Thursday, April 30, 2015

Edward & Dion

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Edward     Dion

Hello, how have you been doing today?
Today has been really good everything is going according to plan, I have just been learning and gaining new knowledge.
How are you finding Tamaki College?
I am finding Tamaki College very challenging, subjects like science and maths are really engaging.
What makes you feel different from primary?
Everything makes me feel different from primary because I have grown up into the adolescent stage in life.
Whats your favourite subject and why?
My favourite subject is maths because I like adding and multiplying numbers, another subject I really like is P.E because we are always running around which helps me keep fit.
Reading Or Writing?
Who is your favourite sibling……… why?
My favourite sibling is my younger brother because he is really playful and energetic.
Why did you come to Tamaki College?
I came to Tamaki College to try my best to gain an education to help me in the future.
National or Labour?
Whats keeping you awake these days?
How focused are you in school?
Some days I am really focused in school and on other days up and down.
KFC or Mcdonalds?
What's your inspiration in life?
My inspiration in life is my mother because she once said education can help you in your future, thats which motivated me to focus in education.

Edward         Dion

Who is your favourite teacher at tamaki college and why?
Mr Borland because he is very understanding and is always on a positive note. He knows how to handle difficult situations so that time is not wasting.
Who is your inspiration in life and why?Nelson Mandela because he once quoted “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote motivates me to focus on education and to always do things at its best.
What does R.I.S.E mean to you?
To me RISE means doing everything with respect, integrity, success and responsibility.
Are you into any big sports?
I am into football.
What do you prefer K.F.C or Mcdonalds?
Do you have any main aspirations in life?
My aspirations is to become a professional football player and to serve my family at a high quality.

Teariki & Nathaniel

Lose & Cheyanne's interview

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Thanks Cavhyon! Great work

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More fabulous Year 8s!

The Year 8s who came to visit today were delightful and engaged. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bundles of lovely.

We had some great discussion around where we get our values from. Some things we came up with were family, home, school, church, marae.

Here are some of their paragraphs about a value that they hold.

Strive & Achieve : Trying my best to complete my goals and to complete my work. Getting my work done in the right time in class also in outside. Achieving to get something useful for your own self or for someone else. Trying my best to achieve something something in my goals also finishing all of my goals in work time or in my own time. Trying my best to get more knowledge from work and to finish my activities in my own time. Not to get distracted from doing something important or in class time when we are doing independent work. Got to do the right thing outside the class also inside the class. My big brother showed me this value everyday because we have to strive and achieve in what we need in my school.

Cyprus, Panmure Bridge

One value that I have is strength. This means that I have strength for rugby. One person who is strong who I would like to be is Superman because of his powers.

Sione Taufou, Pt England

I learned that confidence can take you a long way. I am trying to build my confidence so I can step up and volunteer for activities that take place inside and outside of school. I am learning to try new things that involve schools that I am unfamiliar with and my community. I’m trying to speak clearly in front of an audience without fidgeting or moving and to speak for myself.

Miria, Ruapotaka

Responsibility is my value because at Pt England school we have a lot of people who have a lot of Responsibility looking after sports , young siblings , and friends. Responsibility means taking charge of things that are special. My Responsibility is to take care of my younger siblings that why Responsibility is my important value. This value came from my school principal from Pt England School Mr. Burt

Leka, Pt England

Kindness is when we treat people with respect. When I am showing kindness I don’t bully other people. Instead, I let them play with me. I value kIndness because no one should be left out. We should include everyone.

Timote, Glenbrae

One value that I think is important: Respect.
This is important to me because I have to respect people around me, when I’m walking around the community, at home, during school and everywhere else I go. I think that respect is one important value to anyone because we listen to what someone says, we take in on what someone has to say and help them if they need help. The person I like to respect mostly is my mum, she was the one who helped me with making my lunch and home work.

Jonson, Pt England

Respect is showing your manners. Respect showing that you care. Respect is a good thing. You can get trust when you show others respect. I think that respect is listening to your parents. This is important to me because you learn your manners. My parents taught me the value of respect. My parents value respect and so do I because it shows your manners.

San Tat, Panmure Bridge

Hi, there. My name is Willy and today I’ll talk about a value that then became a deep one for my thoughts and personality, that is now a great value! One value that I have that I am glad to have This means that I have full trust in something or someone who I would believe will do something good later on. This value that I chose is important to me because having faith in something that you think will turn out good will result in you gaining the feeling of trust, knowing that when you trust in something/someone for something else, you will definitely take hold on that trust. I, personally, think that values such as having faith can boost your personality and help your life in school, home, and in the community. I bet I use this value quite often, actually. Sometimes, when a friend says they’ll help online later on, I can trust them, and also, when they say they’ll complete their work, I can trust them! I have absolute faith in them! And when an event comes into mind, I can have faith that it doesn’t get interrupted by any sort of interruption. This value, to me, was from many people I’ve encountered so far, including teachers, family members (especially parents), and friends...why? Because of them, I have faith in them to give me faith!
That’s all I need to say about faith.

Willy, Tamaki Primary

Hey, there, My name is Stanley and I’ll be talking about a value that means deep to me and also everything and that comes first in life to me. That one value that I chose that means everything and that comes first in life and that value is Family!. This mean that I have full Trust, Believe and Life-changing because and what I mean by life-changing I mean they change life from when I was little because they helped me be the person who I am right now. My personality...everything, really. So now the person who I am right now is all because of my Family and they encourage me to be what I want to be when I grow up and when I grow up I will like to be a rugby league star and right now my parent are helping me and encouraging me so now that is what Family really means to be down deep in my heart. That’s all I need to say about Family.

Stanley, Tamaki Primary

This year I am aiming to be a responsible student and get my work done at the standard expected. The reason why I chose this value was because I needed to blog more work on my blog so I can reach the 15 blog posts a month standard. Also another reason why I chose this value is so I can keep on task with my learning at the times I am supposed to. When I show this value it is when I am managing myself with my learning and my learning only at the right time. Responsibility is another way of saying.

Cypress, Tamaki Primary

Year 8 visit!

We were lucky enough to have the local Year 8s come visit today so they could see what it's like to have a day at high school.

I ran two classes in which we wrote essays about our values- the same lesson as I have done with my Year 9 class this year. Here are some of their paragraphs...

My value for the rest of my school years is respect because I haven’t been a top noticeable person to my teacher and I need to work on admiring people’s ideas. Respect is important because it is telling you that you need to be kind to others and you need to be forgiving and responsible towards visitors. I learned that respect is valuable because it contains loving and caring for each other. What makes you respectful?

Rebekah, Pt England

The value I've chosen is 'Manaakitanga' which means caring for others in English translated from Maori. This is a way of showing that we come from a valued school with caring intentions and caring thoughts. This value is important to me personally because not just me but everyone should feel the need to care for others in order to earn their trust and let them know that we can be trusted. When I show this value it makes me feel proud to show this value to everyone who I care for or someone I want to know better so that I can earn their trust and gain more friends. "Caring for other,s running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people brings happiness"- Harold Kushner

Tiere, Tamaki Primary

Integrity is like honesty and this is important to me because it is good to be honest. It’s not good to lie, its better if you be a good character so later maybe you might show integrity to someone.

Byron, Pt England

St Pius X Catholic school values are Advance in Faith, Hope and Love. The meaning of our values is to always have Respect. Respect is also one of our #1 values in our school. We have positive attiitude everyday but if someone feels down we will all comfort that person and make sure we don't have anyone have a bad day. Our priority is to look smart when we are out of school and if somebody in our school shows off then we do not encourage him/her to keep being silly.
And those are some of our school values.

Osca and Aurora

Show positive attitude. Positive attitude means that to show respect and show positive thinking. And a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. When I show a positive attitude I greet the teacher and behave do my work. I ask for help if I am stuck. I get this value from myself and my mum. This value is important because it makes other people feel happy.

Isaaka, Pt England

The value I have chosen is 'Whanaungatanga' in English means = Building Relationships.This value is important to the community and to me, personally. This value is great to have because it is important for people to have friendly friendships. Basically, not having friendships is not knowing anyone. This value is important to me because we all need a close friend that knows us well, and to me, I need to develop on the skill with the community so I am also confident everywhere and in front of everyone.

Chardonay, Tamaki Primary

One of the values that I really like is, Respect. Respect is one of the values that we use at Point England school. Respect is really important for me because if you’re not respectful then you’ll just be rude and disrespectful. That is where you get no where.

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power.” -Clint Eastwood This quote that I found is on Respect Quotes

Hannah, Pt England

One of the most important values we had at PBS was Respect. We show respect to our teacher also the environment. We think is important because at school we had a special assembly all about ANZAC, so we must show respect for the soldiers who lost their lives to protects us and the country. We also have to show respect so people will be friend with us and also try to believe that we are a good student. If we show respect by listening to the teacher so we can move to the level and we must need instruction so we can do all the task in the correct way. We learned that respect is the most important for us and for others. We got this values from PBS because in term 1 we were talking about place values.

Saruja and Deziree, Panmure Bridge School

Respect is all about having manners and showing each and others the right way at the right time with the right attitude. Plus by using the 3 P which means protection partnership and participation.

To show respect is to listen when someone is talking and not talking well the teacher is talking. Respect is about admiring someone about what they can do. If you want to be treated well then you will have to treat others the way you wanted be treated. And show what awesome looks like.

DJ, Pt England

People (Friends & Teacher) see me as a guy who respects rules, equipments and respects other people. I think respect is very important in because if you have no respect for anyone, they you and have no discipline for you. Its also because everyone should be treated how you want to be treated and that's nicely. Such people need respect as well with sympathy and emphy. Respect is important to everyone and also to me because the people needs respect and to also get along with each other. Last week we had showed respect to those who fought for us and gave us the life that we wanted.

Juliano, Panmure Bridge

One Value I think is important is respect. This means that you respect people and property. This is important to me because it is a school and personal value. When we show this value we use manners speak politely be sincere and do what you say you are going to do. I learned that respect is important value to the school and to me. This value came to me from my family and school. My parents’ value is also respect and so is mine.

Ilalio and Lennyx, Glenbrae

Tukumarie. What does this value mean to me? To me this value means to be peaceful, caring and responsible. A way I show being responsible in the community is by being around people that will not get me into trouble. To be peaceful I will need to be humble when losing in something or getting angry.

Cavhyon, Tamaki Primary

At Pt England School we have values. Values are something that are important to you. One of my values from school is Matapono E - Keep It Real. This means that we have to be honest not only with ourselves but with others as well. This is important to me because it reminds me and others about keeping it real. I think that if everybody showed Matapono E than we would always be happy. When I show this value it makes me feel proud of my self for being honest. This is a quote that I think suits this value:

"We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters... that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square."- Michelle Obama

Paige, Pt England

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Teacher descriptions

Sorry for the delay! I forgot to post these over the holidays.

We wrote descriptions of Miss Bunce and Miss Wethey who were kind enough to grace us with their presence, as well as other teachers we see everyday.

A few words about Miss Wethey. She is pretty like a red rose. She is nice like yummy ice cream, has good style like a model, kind from the top of her heart , Shy like a kid from the dark, dark hair with light blonde in it, 2 dimples that are slightly poked in on her red rose checks. Fit and slim from the gym. Her shoes are on point.


Mr Sharma is a very respectful teacher towards his students and the lessons that he is teaching. He speaks in a very positive tone at times and teaches enthusiastically. When entering his class he gleefully greets and expects us to act academically and considerately when in his class.He perches and crosses his legs when leaning against the white board every so often when talking to the class and also folds his arms very firmly. Mr Sharma is as humble as a worm. At times there will be a few concerns here and there on how students behave, but he takes care of them very politely and in a very respectful manner. He saunters around the classroom anxiously inspecting each and every students work making sure everyone is on task. When teaching he clearly projects his voice to the class confirming that all students are listening and not disrespecting him and the class.

-Dion Tuitakau

Miss Wethey is one of Tamaki College’s teachers. She’s a very pleasing and outgoing young lady. The way she speaks english is very fluent. She speaks English very fluently to her students. She teaches English. When she was teaches us how to pronounce her name properly, she make it a mnemonic. That’s when she breaks one word into parts so we can pronounce it properly “We-They”. When her students don’t listen to her she can be real ferocious and show her anger to students.

-Faaaone Ulipa

Miss Wethey is one of Tamaki's respected teachers tbh. She’s a beautiful, young European Irish brunette. She speaks friendly. Her teeth protrude. She is very thin and skinny. She's uptight.  She is white and frolicsome. She is gangster inside. Her favourite music is gangster also. She sounds very friendly and she looks just like Mr Jones also teacher from Tamaki. Her smile has dark magic forcing other students or adults to smile back. I hardly know her but she seems like a decent, kind-hearted brainy adult.

- Henry Lilo

Her hair vibrants the shades of her dark horse eyes, staring at the crowd of students. Standing confidently, with her legs together and arms behind her back as a soldier getting ready for expectation. Her smile beamed from the open darkness, Her voice was sweet and friendly slightly high pitched, like a reaction to a winning lottery ticket. She has a positive attitude towards the student, she is kind, funky, quirky the student seems to love the way she acts upon them her positive attitude towards them really changed their behavior.

-Jennyfer Faamita

Miss Wethey was like a shy girl that has just started school or new to the city. Her movement was very strong and felt free. When she ate the chips I could hear the crunch of the chips like a squirrel eating a nut. When even she smiles her deep dimples will show. Her sitting was like a statue, very still. Her clothing was nice and simple a top and tights with jewellery. Her language is fluent English and Irish European. Her presentation is very quiet and a good sense of humor. Miss Wethey has a lot of sides but she is mostly

-Lose Manuhaapai

Mrs Bunce acts like a kind teacher but when we annoy her, she will get as angry as a crazy monkey. Her personality is on point which means that she always say good morning to us when she has us. I like when we go to science with her because she is try to be kind when she has us. She hates it when when theres naughty people in her class. Her background is very simple. She is from England and is from Redditch. She speaks fluently. That is why I like it when we go to her class because I can understand her properly

-Langa Ravarua