Thursday, August 5, 2010

Year 10 Cultural Perspectives - Character Mind Maps.

Here are some examples of Character Mind Maps from 10PTe.

Year 10 Cultural Perspectives: Boy Overboard - Character Mind Map.

Character Mind Map.

After looking at the major themes in the novel we are now concentrating on major characters.The students were asked to focus on:
  1. 1 major character in the text. Write down the exterior feelings that the character shows in the text.
  2. Write down the interior feelings that the character has but does not show in the text.
  3. Write down the thoughts that the character is thinking in a time of need or crisis.
  4. The students will be reflecting these feelings/thoughts through a Character Mind Map.
  5. They will draw the character and write down the feelings outside the profile of their chosen character.

By doing this, the student's are able to understand the characters in a deeper context.

Here some examples from 10PTe.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Year 9 War & Conflict: Main Themes.

You are to comment on what you think that main theme is in Braveheart.

When writing your comment you are to comment on:

What you think that major theme is.
What you think being brave means?
When have you been brave?
What does brave look like in the story Braveheart.

Comment below!

Year 9 Term 3 Unit: War & Conflict.

Year 9 Term 3 Unit: War & Conflict.

This term we will be focussing on War & Conflict. The texts that we will read/view will discuss war or conflict in different situations.

Our first written text is Braveheart. The students will read the text and comment on one major theme that they think is important in the story.