Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Place To Stand- Karlo Mila

Today the students were working hard analysing a poem called A place to stand by Karlo Mila. This is from her book A Well Written Body. Tomorrow we'll be working on a paragraph about it. Here are some pics of the students working hard.

Coopa and Cheyanne hard at work.

Latisha busy as.

Henry, Langa working cooperatively.

Dion, Langa, Henry on the job.

Nathaniel, Edward and Teariki focussed and on task.

Monday, May 18, 2015

9 RTd Responses to Sad Joke on the Marae by Apirana Taylor

Kapa Haka group at Te Poho O Tamaki

This poem is about a guy that entry a marae and said who he is and still is welcome after everything he has done. A marae is where everyone is welcome and pretty much anything can happen there. The poet writes “ jail is my home” this made me think that he wasn't taught properly and no one should blame him cause its not his fault.

Apirana Taylor writes “in the only maori I know” this made me feel that we didn't know his family and much people mostly it made me feel sorry for him because we wasn't accepted. The end of the poem was sad and happy. Happy because they understood him and still welcome him in because they didn't blame him for the result of his life, and sad because he is Maori and all he know in this language was Tihei Mauriora.

-Latisha Puti

This poem is about a sad joke about a marae. A marae is a courtyard of a Maori meeting house,especially as a social ceremonial forum.The poet writes that the tekoteko he “ripped his tongue from his mouth and threw it on his feet”. This made me think that going to a marae is a bit scary and challenging because there a chiefs and warriors around you and it feels like there’s a war happening.

Apirana Taylor wrote this because I think he had the same feeling when he entered the marae.This made me feel that going to a marae is a special thing and we shall respect that.

-Ite Taufa

This poem is by Apirana Taylor about giving a speech at a Marae. A Marae is a welcoming place where meetings and funerals are held. The poet writes “ He ripped his tongue from his mouth and threw it at my feet”, this made me think that this person is very aggressive and can be a threat. Apirana Taylor writes “ My name is Tu the freezing worker” this made me feel that this male is a hard working citizen.

-Edward Baah

A marae is a family house, where meetings are made or cultural maori events happen there and not only that, marae also holds funerals of those they have lost. The poet writes “grim death and wooden ghosts carved on the meeting house wall” this made me feel that my ancestors are around and there ancestors are carved onto the marae which makes it very special. Apirana Taylor writes “Tihei Mauriora I cried, they understood, the tekoteko and the ghosts” This made me feel that the sins that Tu committed thy still forgave him and welcomed him into the marae, and that Tu is going to repent for his bad sins.

-Jennyfer Faamita

This poem is about: a sad joke at the Marae. A marae is the courtyard of a Maori meeting house, especially as a social or ceremonial gathering place. The poet writes about jail is home. This made me think that the person in the poem always get in trouble. Apirana Taylor writes about a Sad Joke at the Marae.This made me feel that it is a sad poem because it says a Sad Joke at the marae.

-Langa Ravarua

This poem is about Maori things. A marae is a gathering place for visitors, family and friends. The poet writes,“I saw them” this made me think that he is crazy and needs to get put in a mental facility. Apirana Taylor writes “He ripped his tongue from his mouth and threw it at my feet” this made me kinda feel yucky cause if you picture that in your mind It feels gross. The end of the poem was pretty funny because he’s a plastic Maori.

-Henry Neemia

This poem is by Aprirana Taylor about being welcomed on the marae but the person in the poem does not know a lot about speaking in Maori and does not have detailed knowledge and experience. A marae is a house where people meet, have funerals, and other significant events.

The poet writes “My fist is my taiaha” This made me think that culture is more important than fighting and that culture and and family is one thing that can not be replaced. Apirana Taylor writes “The pub is my marae” This made me feel that my actions now can affect my future and that places like the pub will not be there when you're in trouble also that ancestors and sacred places are more significant than unnecessary things.

"He mahi te ata noho, e kii ana te wheke"

It is the octopus who says sitting is working

This relates to the poem because at the end of the poem he says “For that's all I knew” If he was taught and disciplined situations like that would be not as sad as it was and would of have known how to speak in his native language.

-Dion Tuitakau

Saturday, May 16, 2015

9RTd Marae visit

We were lucky enough to have our kaumatua, Wally Noble, show us around Te Poho o Tamaki on Friday afternoon.

We are looking at poetry about identity at the moment, and we visited to get some context for our next poems- a poem by Karlo Mila and Sad Joke on the Marae by Apirana Taylor.

The concept of turangawaewae and connection is one often explored by poets in a NZ context.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dion's image


The quote I chose was…“When I was a boy I learned to swear in Samoan”

The theme represented was…Language

I interpreted the theme by….By adding texts like @#%! to describe swear words.

The symbol I used was the tattoo as a symbol, for samoan tattoo and @#$*&%! for swear words.

These were effective because...It really describes the text and is very clear.

The colours I used were…Blue,Red and Black

I used these colours because I wanted to get across the idea that…The samoan flag has the colours of red,blue and white.

I chose to have a border just to give it more detail and effectiveness

I tried to make my fonts suit the words to the best I can.

I wanted the viewer to understand where the picture was coming from and to know that the picture suits the words.

The dominant image was the tattoo because…. it represents the word SAMOAN and shows more understanding.

I feel this static image shows an idea from the text because it shows swearwords and shows an image about Samoa and when seen altogether it shows understanding.

Edward's image

Screenshot 2015-05-11 at 10.33.34.png

The quote I chose was… I drive a car that is falling apart. The theme represented was, Bred in South Auckland. I interpreted the theme by reading along with the poem and seeing what the main ideas were. The symbols I used were, rusty and old/ crudy. These were effective because it painted a picture in my head. The colours I used were bold. I used these colours because I wanted to get across the idea that, this person seems disorganised and  not worried about anything.

I tried to make my letters look bold (size/font/colour) because I thought making my words bold would make the statements said more dominant. I decided to put them on the image because I wanted to help the viewer to understand. I decided to put the words in those positions to make my statement more dominant.

The dominant image was of a car that is slightly falling apart because of poor organisation. I chose to use bold techniques because I believe that my statement will be heard.

Langa's image


The quote I chose was… "I played rugby in barefeet”

The theme represented was…playing rugby

The symbols I used were…Bare foot. These were effective because… I am an islander.

The colours I used were… red,green.

I used these colours because I wanted to get across the idea that… It made me think different and usually I just use 2 colours.

I chose/did not choose a border because… I think it is nice

I feel this static image shows an idea/ theme from the text because it shows that the person played in bare feet.

Malulu's image

The quote I chose was "I played rugby in bare feet.” The theme represented was playing rugby.The symbols I used wer barefeet and a rugby ball. These were effective because I am an islander and we are use to playing barefoot. The colours I used were…black, blue, red and green.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What is identity?

We're looking at poetry at the moment that deals with identity, what it means to be who we are. We'll be looking at Apirana Taylor, Karlo Mila and Glen Colquhoun.

This week we're making static images based on the poem Bred in South Auckland- here's what we've been doing in class so far.

Read the poem below.

Bred In South Auckland

I drive a car that is falling apart. 

There is a bog in the body. 
There is rust in the doors. 
Occasionally it does not have a warrant. 
Sometimes I sleep in large rooms full of people. 
I eat too much fried bread. 
I am late to meetings. 
I go to housie. 
My nose is flat. 
I say Raw-tore-loo-uh. 

Some people think I am a bloody Maori, 

I have been to university. 
I have a student loan. 
I photocopy my tax returns. 
Most mornings I read the newspaper. 
I make lists of things I have to do and like to cross them off. 
I cut apples into quarters before I eat them, 
Then I cut the pips out. 
I put my name on things. 
I listen to talkback radio. 
I use EFTPOS. 

Some people think I am a typical pakeha. 

Last week I drove into a red light, 
I did not slow down at a compulsory stop, 
I changed lanes on the motorway and did not use my indicator. 
When I was a boy I went to see Enter the Dragon, 
I took one lesson in kung fu. 
My parents made me do my homework. 
My brother gave me Chinese burns. 
I like beef and pork flavoured two minute noodles. 
I light incense when the house smells. 
Once I dug a garden. 

Some people think I am a blasted Asian. 

When I was a boy I learned to swear in Samoan. 
I went to school in Mangere. 
I played rugby in bare feet, 
Sometimes I shop at the Otara markets. 
My family come from overseas. 
I used to work in a factory. 
Once I helped cook an umu. 
When it is summer I wear a lavalava. 
I drink pineapple juice. 
I like to eat corned beef. 

Some people think I must be a flaming coconut. 

I think I am the luckiest mongrel I know. 

9RTd in the library

We visit the library every week and have time to select and read books. Here's what this looked like last week.

Nathanial and Edward check out Lemony Snicket. 

Langa and Malulu enjoying their selections.

It's important to read regularly and develop an enjoyment of reading. It makes us smarter and increases our vocabulary. It helps us improve our concentration and understand the world around us.

Reading is the best way to improve our academic results, as well as make us more well-rounded individuals.

Arohanui books!

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Outsiders- What we think

This book or movie is about two different groups, (Greasers and Socs) who are enemies and hate each other. The greaser are poorer than the socs and also average people. One day a boy named Johnny who is a greaser kills a Socs boy, they go to a church by the instructions of their friend dally to avoid going to jail. Unfortunately one day the church goes on fire and there were some kids left inside as they go to save them, Johnny gets badly injured and sadly at the end he dies.

I love both the movie and the book, because its a good story and also based on a true story. In my opinion I don’t think Johnny and Dally should’ve died, but hey, its base on a true tale, nobody can change that.

My favorite part of the book or movie was just before Johnny died, when he told Ponyboy to stay gold and never get into trouble, but it was pretty sad when he died. I also liked the rumble between the two groups, I liked it because it’s entertaining to watch people fight and also because the greasers won.- Raihan

Image result for the outsiders
“I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”
“Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.”

SPEAK WITH CONVICTION. I found The Outsiders to be a very good movie being its time and graphics and the book was ok but I find the movie to be much better. The story had a real life vibe attached to it which made me like it. It was fun watching and reading this with the class the rating is what I think of this fine movie, book and story it has a lot of good potential it is informative and a good book for teens. It relates to us because it is like a memory that we have expirenced that we just don't remeber. -Phoenix

The Outsiders is about two rival groups of teens the lower ranks (outsider) Greasers and the smart, wealthy and popular Socials. The books involves fighting, arguing, murder and a strong bond between boys. Even though I didn't read much of the book the movie was amazing and emotional. The movie hooks you in as soon as you see the good looking guys. Throughout the movie you can see how close all the boys are especially Ponyboy, Johnny and Dallas. “Stay gold ponyboy, stay gold” the last sentence Johnny said before dieing. There are strong characters such like Sodapop who never really shows his feelings towards his brothers until the end when he expresses his emotions. I recommend this book to teens who are interested in reading about violence. -Mary

Author: S.E Hinton

Title: The Outsiders

Genre: Action, Drama, Historical

Two Greasers named Johnny and Ponyboy hides from the police. Johnny the night before stabbed one the their rival gang member. They also save these kids from the burning church they hid in. Johnny dies afterwards and Dally gets shot by the police for theft. The Greasers have a rumble with the Socs at 7:00pm. The Greasers win and the three brothers live happily after they agree to don’t argue and fight anymore.

This book would appeal to teenagers, especially girls. They love a bit of boys in the book, especially boys with nice hair.

I like the movie, but not the book. The book is long and boring, while the movie hooks in the audiences and bring tension. I like a bit of action in the books and movie so, any book with action in it is the book for me. - Lisiate

The Outsiders is about two gangs that go by the names of the Socs and the Greasers. This is an amazing book and movie. This story holds good action, compassion and brotherly love.The Greasers are boys who have good love for each other and they are also really protective towards each other.  - Khylie

The book outsiders is about two gangs (Greasers and Socs) in a small unknown town somewhere in America. They fight over territory or just because they are different. After the Socs go too far something happens that will change some of the greasers and Soc’s lives forever. I liked the book because it had a different setting to many other books, each character had a different personality my favorite quote was “I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.” Also I liked a poem one of a character recites.

"Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower; 
But only so an hour. 
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down today.
Nothing gold can stay." 

Lastly, Greg is a good guy. I disliked that the book is TOO DAMN LONG. Overall I would recommend reading this book.

2 out of 5 bananas - Gustavo

DISCRIMINATION!  The Outsiders was a good film bringing words to life. I found the book better than the movie because it had more details and you can just almost imagine an idea of what the characters look like.  The theme of this film, discrimination, relates to our society because people judge others by their looks and this was shown in the movie. Discrimination was shown when the socs looked down on the greasers because of the way they look and the environment they live in.   “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold” was my favourite quotation from the book/film because it was said to Ponyboy from Johnny while he was dying. I guess what Johnny was trying to let Ponyboy know is to stay good and not change because of his surroundings. - Simaima

Chloe's interview

Jennyfer's interview