Monday, November 30, 2015

Wakatere Cecil's speech

World Peace?

I wonder what it would be like if we had world peace? Well if the world was ever at world peace it will be so much different to what it is now as we all know that I think that everyone should not just show kindness but to also do and be kind towards other people so that way one day the world just might have world peace. Just imagine the world full of       kindness,peace,war free,happiness and full of huge smiles don’t you think that it would be so much wonderful that way? Do you think that the world would ever have peace? We also need world peace because of the trouble that has happened in France and i’m sure you’ve heard about that?,and those in France that has died during the attack their families must be swimming in a pool full of there tears for there love ones.

Any ways I think that world peace is really important to everyone if you want to live in a caring and loving world if not then something must be wrong with you.There are kids all over the world being bullied,picked on and even getting beaten up for nothing!!! we need to stop hating and start to appreciate people for who they really are. Everyone has picked on someone before including myself? and don’t say you haven’t bullied someone before because there is someone that you know you have bullied and also hated on. You might of bullied your siblings if you're an only child you would of came to school thinking that you can pick on the smallest person in your class or one that is the darkest or maybe that one person that everyone hates in the classroom. I really want the world to be a happy place and also to be safe wherever you go.World peace would just be wonder full for everybody don’t you think?

World peace is not the only thing we need in this world we also need the life of freedom.Freedom is what every single one of us in this whole entire world needs. Just thinking that if we all had freedom we could do whatever we wanted well not whatever we wanted but like most of the things that we never could do before. Like having to be 15 or 16 to get a license or also because we ain’t got know choice when the teacher says we have to do this but you don’t wanna do that but then they say you have to because it's the work I gave you now do it.

By the way have you ever wonded what it would be like if there was no such thing as bullying or moking? I’ve always wonded what it would be like mocking free know one calling each other names and also know more people judging other people basted on there sexualty or how they act. If there was ever know such thing as bullying and mocking we would be so much better everyone loving and caring for others that they don’t even know I would love to live in a world just like that. And here is a quote by the one and only (Tupac Shakur) “Before we find world peace we gotta find peace in the war on the streets”

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