Monday, November 30, 2015

Reflections from 9RTd

Today we discussed the purpose of reflection- review, thinking back on our year. We came up with some focussing questions on the board to think about our year.

I'm so proud of the students in 9RTd and the great strides that they have taken in their reading and writing.

Ite, Cheyaane, Henry, Tupou, Faaaoane, Jennyfer, Wakatere, Lose at the Manaiakalani film festival!

"Throughout this long challenging year in english I have learnt many things, such as how to write and includes metaphors and similes in writing, and how to annotate poems and even various texts. I learnt these basic learning skills by paying attention when ever the teacher spoke. To help me with my learning I read chapter books from time to time. Listening to the teacher helped me understand and gain basic knowledge. From time to time I learn’t at home and in B9, this learning area helped me to think and learn challenging and basic information. My strengths in English is reading and the area in need for more improvement is writing. Various skills I need to work on range from writing and reading and also listening. Things I need to improve on next year is to stay more focused and pay more attention to the teacher."

-Edward Baah

"What have I learned this year? I’ve learned a lot of things this year like one of them is learning new words.

What can I do better? What I can do better is to stop talking to friends during class and learning time and to also listen to the teacher more.

How did I learn? I learnt in so much different ways one of them are reading books which can help me learn new words and to also help give me ideas on how to write a poem or any type of writing.

Did I change? I think that I changed in so much ways like I have came to school more than I used to and also going around and asking people for help instead of sitting there and doing nothing until the bell rang."

-Wakatere Cecil

"From the start of this year 2015, English was a subject that was difficult. I’ve learnt many things such as poems, grammar, punctuation and many more. Learning these basic skills was not as easy but I eventually learnt these things and in which I endeavour to use in my everyday life. To do better next year, I will focus more, pay more attention, read oftenly and to become more involved in learning areas. I learnt in English by completing all tasks given and trying my best to my full potential. My strengths in English are learning and having an extensive vocabulary and having a very positive attitude towards my learning. Learning doesn't only take place at school meaning I can learn at home, in public and anywhere possible by reading or listening to things taking place around me."

-Dion Tuitukau

more reflections to come...

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